Tilt – fighting for a fairer Europe

The European Greens bring together the national Green parties from across the European continent to push for a Green, progressive transformation of Europe and its economy.

But while the Greens represent values and issues with a significant base of support across Europe – from climate action, to the protection of human rights and refugees, to environmental conservation – they came to Reform Act not reaching or engaging that supporter base online at the scale they wanted to.

The ambitious idea: To build a new, digital supporter “network” that could engage citizens across Europe in their fight, and open up the party to great supporter participation going into the 2019 European elections and beyond.

In other words: Tilt.

The project was brand new territory for the European Greens – and Reform Act was a close part of the whole journey.

Through in-depth workshops in Brussels, Reform Act worked intensively to develop a comprehensive strategy and “movement brand” for the network, with a heavy focus on internal training and support to develop the capacity needed to manage this new network.

Soon, Tilt was born – a movement of citizens demanding that the European Union works for everyone, not just a privileged few.


It’s early days, but the project is already making waves. Tilt was an instant hit with national Green parties, who understood potential of the network to build and engage their supporter base across Europe. The first campaigns reached more than half a million people – from a starting point of zero – within just a couple of weeks. And the Greens are producing, learning and improving quickly as they adapt their team and processes to this new way of campaigning.

With Tilt up and running, Reform Act continues to work closely with the Greens, providing ongoing support and training on digital campaigning strategy and tactics. Reform Act is also the European Greens’ agency for the 2019 European elections. Together, we’re making real impact in the fight for a fair, sustainable Europe! ✌️

“Reform Act have been an incredible partner for the European Greens across this whole project. They bring a huge amount of experience in digital campaigning to the table, are super professional, and are great fun to work with!”

Sybren Kooistra, Campaign Manager, European Greens

Our deliverables

  • “Movement brand” for Tilt, including name and organisational story, full visual identity and tonality
  • Digital launch and engagement strategy
  • Website and campaign CRM development (Nationbuilder)
  • Production of social media graphics and video templates
  • Extensive, ongoing support and training on digital campaigning