Updating a symbol of aid to a symbol of social justice.

ActionAid is an organisation which is in the process of shifting focus from being an aid organisation to an organisation working for social justice. In past decades they have always included a goat in their communication. This was a natural choice considering that the organisation focused on gifting goats to people to better their financial situation.  Since this is not the case anymore, their 2018 Christmas campaign needed to reflect the shift  and brand ActionAid Sweden with a symbol that would resonate more with their metamorphosis.


Since ActionAid Sweden is so strongly associated with the goat symbol, we thought it would be a shame to ditch it altogether. Instead, we decided this was a great opportunity to update the goat and make it resonate with the current message. Since positivity is key to our work process, we decided to include something fun and playful together with the urgent message.

Our three main goals were

Keeping in line with ActionAid Sweden’s distinct style.

Tackling complex questions in a way that’s easy to understand.

Creating something fun which would increase the will to share

Since ‘rättighet’ means “a right’ in Swedish and “get” means goat, we seized the opportunity to include wordplay into the campaign. By simply switching an h for a g,  ‘rättigget’ was born, a tongue in cheek solution that’s immediately understood by Swedish speakers.

We decided on 5 different rights goats, each representing stand cause that ActionAid Sweden is involved in…

Tryggeten -The goat of security

Självklargeten – The goat of sovereignty

Möjliggeten – The goat of potential

Frigeten– The goat of freedom

Hållbargeten– The goat of sustainability

The 5 goats not only made it easier for people to engage and understand ActionAid’s different areas of impact – they also encouraged donations through the simplified explanation of how the donation proceeds have impact.

In order to spread awareness of the campaign, we created content and ads intended for different digital channels. Furthermore, we explained (in a playful way) why it was decided that the one and only former ActionAid goat had to go. We did this by providing instructions on how to giftwrap a goat, comparing it with the ease of giving away a Rättig-get.

Despite the fact that 2018 was one of the most competitive Holiday sales season’s in years, ActionAid Sweden managed to sell the same amount of ‘rights’ than the previous year.

We managed to keep the distinctive characteristics of ActionAid Sweden’s brand by updating its symbol rather than changing it altogether

Our deliverables

Audience research and strategy
Concept development
Visual identity and tonality
Graphic design and animation
Fundraising copy
Digital strategy