Reform Act engages people to change the world – by inspiring them to join, participate and build relationships with our clients and their causes.

Whether it’s a one-off campaign to change a bad law, or an ongoing membership recruitment program. Whether it’s crafting a compelling visual message, fundraising for a cause or helping put in place the right digital tools and structures – we are here to help our clients succeed in engaging people in their important work.

The way the world works is changing. If we want to push it in a better direction, we need to change too.

While membership of political parties is crashing, more people engage in political protest than ever before. While the traditional news industry is collapsing, new players arise seemingly overnight on the back of viral, peer to peer growth. And while charities struggle to retain their monthly donors, social change startups are building small-dollar digital revenue streams worth millions.

This is the power of engagement and participation – as people move from passive consumption to active shaping of the ideas, products and movements that surround them.

To thrive today, organizations and companies need to be experts at building this power into their work, and providing an experience built on engagement. Without this, new members don’t show up, existing supporters or customers don’t come back, and your biggest fans don’t deliver what they could.

Reform Act knows this world. We are an agency designed from the ground up to build and channel engagement – together with the great organisations and like-minded companies we work with. We move people from customers to fans, from members to activists, and from regular folks to active citizens – engaging people to change the world.

Now that we’ve gone on and on about us, we want to get to know you.